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Hardboards (Blockmounts)

Largest Hardboard Selection In Canada

Plaquemounted art is a great way to decorate your home or office. Hardboards are made by adhering a print to a 1/2" MDF Board which is then laminated using a variety of different finishes which double as a great alternative to glass.

Gloss Finish

The most economical of the available finishes. It will bring out the vibrant colors in any print and is a great finish for your average poster or print. This is the finish we use as a standard with you our in-stock hardboards.

Matte Finish

Wonderful for those more refined looks. It is great to reduce the glare in rooms with bright lighting or adjacent windows. Our hardboards can be ordered with this finish, however pricing will change accordingly. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a matte finish on any of our hardboards.

Canvax Finish

Canvax is special process in which another finish is applied to the plaquemount to mimic the look of a canvas, great for your posters or art prints. Canvax finishes also make a great substitute for glass while retaining that hand painted look and feel.

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