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Textured Canvas & Canvas Transfers

Unique Hand-Painted Textured Canvas

At Pictures-Frames & More we carry an impressive selection of raised textured canvases as well as a large collection of Canvas Transfers


Raised Textured Canvas

 Are unique canvases that are hand-painted and "Ready To Hang". Due to the process undergone in creating these pieces, they have a pseudo “3D” effect, as the image appears to have more depth than a standard canvas transfer.

Many of these items also incorporate metallic paints and actual pieces of colored fabric into their design for a truly unique look. Liven up your walls with these textured canvases!

Stop by today to see the difference a little texture can make first hand!


Canvas Transfers 

We feature 100's of canvas transfers in store to choose from.  We have many catalogues instore or online for you to look through, to create your own custom canvas transfer for your space.  All canvases are professionally stretched onto stretch bar frame work unless otherwise noted.


Did you know? You can now place your order online! Look for our Order Online button on products!
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