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Indigenous Art

Syndey Kirkness - Three Generations (18"x24")

$55.00 - Signed & Numbered Limited Series prints out of 279

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Size: 18"x24"

Price: $55.00

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Sydney Kirkness

Fisherbranch, Manitoba

September 2, 1950 – July 26, 2010

Cree Artist

Sydney Kirkness is a serious student of modern art. His desire to learn and gain knowledge led to his enrollment in Red River College, where he completed three years of Advertising Art. Attendance at the prestigious Banff School of Fine Arts was next. Here again, Sydney excelled in craftsmanship and painting; and received the rare honor of having one of his paintings chosen for display in the permanent collection of the Banff School of Fine Arts. The versatility of Kirkness, the artist, is endless. There is seemingly no restraint by subject.

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