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Pocono Raceway (40" x 13.5")


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Style: Hardboard

Size: 40" x 13.5"

Item #: PR2

Price: $99.97

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This aerial panorama of Pocono Raceway was taken by Christopher Gjevre during the Pocono 400 Presented by #NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Known as the Tricky Triangle, Pocono has celebrated several milestones since its first race in 1968, including its first 500-mile Indy race in 1971 and its first NASCAR 500-mile race in 1974. In 1990, the raceway began a major renovation which transformed the track. Today, Pocono has become one of the most environmentally conscious tracks in NASCAR, with a photovoltaic power plant adjacent to the track, generating clean electricity for the raceway. Pocono also boasts a triangular configuration and the widest main straight, with the longest and widest pit road.

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