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Denver Broncos II (40" x 13.5")


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Style: Hardboard

Size: 40" x 13.5"

Item #: NFLBRON2

Price: $99.97

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This panorama was photographed by Christopher Gjevre. In 2001, the Broncos moved to Sports Authority Field at Mile High, a 76,125 seat stadium designed to recognize four traditions of iconic Mile High Stadium. Those four traditions include its horseshoe shape that is unmistakably Broncos football, the steel treads that fans stomp on to create “Rocky Mountain” thunder, the South Stands that are home to the most vocal of Broncos fans and above it all on top of the south scoreboard, Bucky, the 30’ high Bronco who moved to the new stadium after 30 years in the same lofty perch at Mile High Stadium.

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