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Ready-Made Stock Mirrors

You can have us professionally fit the mirror inside a Ready-Made or Custom frame of your choice. Alternatively you can bring us your existing frame, and we can order you a mirror to fit that frame.


Custom Order Mirrors: Smooth Edge And Beveled Mirrors

We also provide custom Smooth Edge and Beveled Mirrors. These mirrors are custom ordered to your specifications and turn-around times vary based on date of order. These mirrors can be ordered in any shape or size. For custom shapes, please bring us a template of desired mirror shape with accurate sizes as all custom ordered mirrors are final sales. Alternatively you can bring in an odd shaped frame that you would like us to fit a mirror into, and we can make a template for the mirror based on that.

What Is A Smooth Edge Mirror?

A Smooth Edged mirror, sometimes called a “polished edge” mirror, has minimally sanded edges to provide a smooth finish. This creates a slightly rounded edge all the way around the mirror and eliminates any sharp edges. This is ideal for mirrors that will not be framed. This style of mirror is great for use with mirror clips, or to be adhered directly on your wall.

What Is A Beveled Mirror?

A beveled mirror has penciled edges and we like to use a standard 1 ¼” bevel around the mirror (although this can be changed to your preference, no smaller than ½”). This creates a stylish border around the mirror for a more refined look. This type of mirror can be used with mirror clips, adhered directly on your wall, and can also be used in a frame. Please visit us and one of our framers would be happy to get you a quote, and help take your order.

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