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Laser Engraved Crystal

Put your photos in a Laser Engraved Crystal

We offer in-house custom 2-D crystal etching using an exclusive YAG laser etching machine. Working from just about any digital image file, we are able to etch your image into your choice of crystal in just a few days. We feature a variety of accents, pre-made images, and font styles that can be incorporated into your custom crystal.

How it works

The laser beam is guided by micro laser software along the X and Y axis. As the laser penetrates the surface of the crystal and meets what we call the Optimal Energy Point, it burns a micro-fracture into the crystal that is invisible to the naked eye. Thousands of burns later, your image is permanently formed inside your selected crystal leaving the surface appearing completely untouched. Please contact us via phone, fax or email if you have any questions regarding our Laser Crystal options.

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