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Jersey Cases

Oversized Jersey Cases

$399.97 (Starting at) Anything over 32"x40" - Starting at: $399.97

Style: Custom

Price: $399.97 (Starting at)

We consider anything over 32"x40" to be an oversized Jersey Case/Shadow Box.

These cases are examples of custom oversized jersey cases we have done in the past. Custom jersey cases can be made to any size, can use any type of glass and backing, and are great for odd sized jerseys, over sized jerseys, and object fits. We have created cases like these in the past for many things other than jerseys such as: Wedding Bouqets, War Medals, Headdresses, Hockey Sticks and all sorts of memorabilia.

To the left are some examples of custom oversized cases we have done before.

Visit one of our locations and speak with one of our professional framers regarding pricing and available options.

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