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Locking Security Hanging Hardware

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Security hanging hardware provides a locking wall mount system for any framed piece. This is especially usefull when placing artwork, information or ads in areas with public access, high traffic areas, and in any area where framed work may be bumped into. Using a special locking hardware your framed work will be fastened securely to the wall, and using a special key you can decide when and if it comes off the wall. Without this special key, your framed work will not be able to be removed from the wall; theft and broken frames are no longer an issue! We carry security hanging hardware for both wooden and metal frames. Click on any of the images to the left to see the kits, accessories, and instructions.

Kit TypePrice

Wood Security Hanger Kit (No Wrench)

item # 555-WOOD-P


Wood Security Hanger Kit (With Wrench)

item# 555-WOOD-P-W


Metal Security Hanger Kit (No Wrench)

item # 555-11-P-1


Metal Security Hanger Kit (With Wrench)

item# 555-11-p-1-w


Security Hanger Wrench

 item # - SEC-W


Security Screw

 item # SEC-T


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