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Computer Cut Custom Picture Frame Matting

Using a computerized in-house mat cutter we offer plenty of options for your choice of matting. We offer custom mat cutting and can often cut an in-stock mat while you wait. The standard cut (shown to the left) features a bevelled edge around a mat opening but there are other options. With a reverse bevel, a unique look is easily achieved. A raised top mat can be used to add depth to your framed art. Decorative cuts such as channel cuts and v-grooves can be cut in a variety of custom shapes and styles adding a little extra color and style to any framed work.

Available options for mats:

  • Cotton
  • Textured
  • Conservation Acid-free
  • Conservation Acid-free Suede
  • Conservation Acid-free Color Core

Styles and cuts:

  • Bevelled
  • Reverse Bevel
  • Raised Top Mat
  • Channel Cut
  • V-Groove

What Is Acid-Free Matting?

Acid-free matting is essential for original works of art, and conservation framing. Paper and cardboard mats contain acids which over time will start to seep into framed artwork eventually ruining it. Acid-free mats are usually made from 100% pure high alpha cellulose wood pulp which is then treated to be inert for at least 300 years. This is our recommendation for any type of original artwork, limited edition artwork, and anything that is of value and needs to be preserved over time.

What Is Color Core Matting?

While most mats offer a white core, color core mats feature colored cores. With color core mats you are no longer restricted to having plain white bevels or v-grooves appearing on your piece. This type of matting is a great way to incorporate a bit of extra style or accent colors into your framed work.

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