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Glass Options For All Types of Framing

We offer in-house custom glass cutting while you wait. Not only can we fit your choice of glass to any frame, Ready-Made or custom, we can also replace damaged or broken glass with the matching type. With over 5 different options including both regular and conservation glass we have the style that will suit your art best.

Available Glass Types:

  • Regular Clear Glass
  • Non-Glare Glass
  • Conservation UV Clear Glass
  • Conservation UV Non-Glare Glass
  • Ultra Clear Glass
  • Plexiglass

Regular Glass

Our standard glass. We use premium glass, and our glass blocks up to 45% of UV light. This glass is not conservation grade, however this type of glass is a common and economic choice for regular framing.

Non-Glare Glass

Non-glare glass has a special layer added to it that is slightly textured. The light is diffused in this layer instead of reflected, avoiding glare. Non-Glare glass has many applications. It is the perfect solution for a framed piece placed across from a television, or in a space with plenty of light. It can also be used to “warm” up the colors in your art.

Conservation Glass

Conservation UV glass is a must when it comes to preserving your framed art over the years. Over time exposure to indoor and outdoor UV light can contribute to the fading and deterioration of artwork. UV Silica based coating is baked into the glass and prevents 99% of UV rays from ever reaching your art. This coating will not delaminate over time. This is our recommended glass type for valuable artwork as it will protect it for a lifetime.

Conservation Non-Glare Glass

Our Conservation Non-Glare Glass offers the best of both worlds. This glass still reflects up to 99% of UV light which makes it a perfect choice for any conservation framing. While stile minimizing glare, this glass will allow over 97% light transmission which will help maintain color, brightness and contrast levels in your artwork.

Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra Clear Glass provides a higher clarity in color, brightness and contrast levels in your image. This will still block 65% of UV rays, however it is not considered to be a true conservation grade glass. This option is best suited for artwork that requires some protection, but prioritizes true color over conservation. This is also the thinnest glass we offer with a thickness of only 2mm. Speak to our framers to find out if this type of glass is best suited to your artwork.

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