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Original Artwork

Roger Kakepetum - X (15"x22")



Style: Original Watercolor

Size: 15"x22"

Item #: RK-10

Price: $155.00

Roger Kakepetum

Sandy Lake First Nation, Ontario

Second-generation Woodland school style artist

Roger Kakepetum is part of  a large generation of artists that followed in the footsteps of such great Native Canadian artists as Norval Morrisseau, Carl Ray, Roy Thomas, Jackson Beardy and others. These artists were the first to depict native stories, figures, animals and spirits, many of them considered sacred, in visual art.

Other second-generation Woodland style artists include Benjamin Chee Chee, Isaac Bignell, Blake Debassige, Sam Ash, Noah Sainnawap, members of the Kakegamic family (Goyce, Joshim) and others with the Kakepetum family name (Lloyd, Abe).

These artists came from different First Nations, largely in Ontario, including Woodland Cree and Ojibwa.

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