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Henry Jansen - Prairie Harvest (25.5"x20")


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Size: 25.5"x20"

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Henry Jansen


Born: 1914

Henry began to draw and paint at an early age. He later studied Art for two years and furthered his studies through private lessons in Berlin. He immigrated to Canada in 1953, making his home in Winnipeg.

A Great lover of nature, Henry soon discovered Canada’s untouched beauty. Accompanied by his wife, he often treks into the wilderness, portaging from lake to lake, enjoying the fishing and retaining memories of the beautiful scenery.

Memories of his boyhood, when he helped his father put up stooks of grain, are reflected in his prairie landscapes of small towns and grain elevators. The wild prairie flowers provide glorious bouquets for his still life pictures. In winter months, he paints from sketches done in summer and autumn.

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