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Hundreds Of Custom Frame Options

We offer over 700 samples of quality, decorative, wood, metal and synthetic frames. Browse our selection featuring many different styles: gold and silver leafing, genuine woods, exotic veneers, hand-crafted frames, fillets and shadow boxes. With a variety of options at your finger tips, we’re sure to have a framing solution for you. Visit one of our locations where one of our professional framers would love to help you find the perfect frame for your art.

What is a Ladder Frame?

A Ladder Frame is a custom designed framing style created at Pictures-Frames & More. Ladder frames are a stylish choice for most types of artwork. "Ladder Frames" get their name from their design. An empty frame is fitted with bars of frame moulding which creates the ladder effect.For this style of framing, no backing is used, the ladder framework is used instead. Mounted / Framed artwork can then be secured to the ladder framework. This style of framing is ideal for triptych's and multipanel artwork, however it suits most other artwork.

The ability to let your wall color show through the framed piece is also another great benefit as some artwork, once framed, can be "heavier" or darker than you may like. Ladder Frames can be customizable to almost any size, and can be a great tool for achieving a larger glass size when a larger print may not be available. Shown to the right: Frame Moulding "Ladder Bar" Mounted or Framed Artwork

What is a Negative Edge?

Negative Edge framing is another custom framing style we utilize frequently. For this style of framing, an empty frame is fitted with a black or espresso thin masonite backing. Similar to Ladder Frames, Framed / Mounted artwork can now be secured to the backing to complete the piece. This type of framing is great for adding more substance to your artwork. Sometimes a simple frame gets lost on the wall, or beside the artwork. By utilizing this framing style we can not only add substance, but we can add to the overall size of your piece. This can be helpful when your artwork, or print is not available in larger sizes.

What Is Double Glass ?

Double Glass is a style of framing where no backing is used. Instead of backing, another piece of glass is placed behind the artwork. By using this framing style, we can achieve many of the same benefits provided with our Ladder Frame style. We can add to the overall size and allow wall color to show through. One advantage that this style of framing can provide that others can not, is the ability to use Non-Glare and Conservation grade glass. One thing to note: When using this frame style, we must use a frame that can support the weight of the extra glass. Some frames, depending on the overall size of the piece, may not accomodate the extra weight. Our framers would be more than happy to help you chose a frame that works.

What Is A Double Frame?

A Double Framed piece of art is basically what the name implies, two frames (sometimes more), one inside the other. There are a variety of different ways Double Frames can be used. Framed art can be mounted onto negative edge framing styles, this allows us to bring other colors into the framed piece, and also allows for the use of Non-Glare, and conservation glass. Another style is to place a framed piece into a slightly larger frame, along with some decorative brace bars. Again this allows for the use of glass, and offers a unique style.

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