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Custom Framing Examples

We are Going Batty (5" x 7")


Style: Custom

Size: 5" x 7"

We are going Batty!!  No not really (but I guess it depends on who you ask) but this bat skeleton turned out great.  And I can't even say it's the first bat skeleton we have framed.

Customer had his own frame that he wanted to use, so we jazzed up this frame with some burgundy suede mats and Ultraview glass.  The Ultraview glass allows you to see each and every little bone on the bat in absolute clarity.  With this particular little guy, we spot glued him in place as per the customer.  If you ever thought operation was hard trying to not dismember the bat was definitely harder.  The first bat skeleton that we did was hand stitched using fishing line and holes in the sued mat, so that the bat could be removed at a later time if the customer had wanted to.


This customer allowed us to display this little guy to show everyone that art doesn't just have to be a print, it can be anything.

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